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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

RE: Don't move school, says group of Stokes parents

"If you did nothing wrong, then why did you do things in secret?" asked Bill Hart,


who added that he supports leaving the alternative school separate from other school campuses.

And since 'alternative' schools exist, I agree. But I'm not a fan of the alternative school concept anyway. That's what private schools are for. If schools are truly 'public,' there's one school for everyone who can adapt, learn, and behave as a responsible human being. If you can't, tough luck — a public school can't help you.

Further, how can young adults with behavioral problems ever possibly learn something by exclusively hanging out with others with behavioral problems? Parents of children attending an alternative school should be able to take back their fair share of education tax dollars and figure out what to do about their child's education. The public school system should be done with it.


Blogger [A]bstract [R]uritanian said...

Public School: 1990-1994;
Home School: 1994-1995
Private School: 1995-1996;
CMC Special Services (alternative): 1997-2000.
DHS (School for delinquents): 2000-2001

I was placed into Special Services for expressing myself, not violently or in any way vulgar or offensive, but expressing myself through poems and drawings. That made me insane to the Nuns who sent me there.

Imagine a 5th grader showing off a drawing he made of a rabbit and a motorcycle. Then getting sent to a counselor, then a psychiatrist, then sitting in front of the board of Education and being sent to a school for the mentally ill.

The Special Services schools have ruined bright minds. I've witnessed kids who've never had a chance to go to public school, not because of their behavior or mental capacity, but because of the school's belief that testing kids would only prove that they're not learning the appropriate level of academics.

Some people truly need those services, whereas others are just there because they like being treated like a 4 year old.

Every drawing, scribble, word, movement, gesture, or cough made by the students is evaluated-- not evaluated academically but psychologically. People with no learning disabilities, people who are intelligent enough to realize the constant psyche-testing and counselor visits, are certainly, in my opinion, going to have behavioral problems.

As for the children/teens in Foster care, why does the state send them to a school with alleged delinquents?

Wednesday, May 31, 2006 11:44:00 AM  

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