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Bully Pulpit

The term "bully pulpit" stems from President Theodore Roosevelt's reference to the White House as a "bully pulpit," meaning a terrific platform from which to persuasively advocate an agenda. Roosevelt often used the word "bully" as an adjective meaning superb/wonderful. The Bully Pulpit features news, reasoned discourse, opinion and some humor.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hamas Leaders to Meet With Former President Jimmy Carter in Egypt

JERUSALEM (Fox News) — Former President Jimmy Carter is set to meet Thursday with Mahmoud Zahar, a top Hamas leader with control over militants in the Gaza Strip.

The meeting expands the list of top officials of the terror group with whom Carter is meeting this week against the wishes of the Bush administration, U.S. lawmakers and Israeli officials.


Anonymous Ed Koch said...

When (Carter) ran for reelection, he asked me to campaign for him in 1980 - I was by then Mayor of New York City -- and I said that I would vote for him, but not campaign for him because he was then engaging in hostile acts towards Israel. I was popular with the Jewish community and when I would not campaign for him unless he changed his position, he called me to his hotel in New York when attending a fundraiser and said, "You have done me more damage than any man in America." I felt proud then, and even more today, since we now know what a miserable president he was then and the miserable human being he is now as he prepares to meet with Hamas.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008 3:40:00 PM  

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