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Bully Pulpit

The term "bully pulpit" stems from President Theodore Roosevelt's reference to the White House as a "bully pulpit," meaning a terrific platform from which to persuasively advocate an agenda. Roosevelt often used the word "bully" as an adjective meaning superb/wonderful. The Bully Pulpit features news, reasoned discourse, opinion and some humor.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ann Coulter "Tired Of Johnny-Come-Lately Conservative Purists"

(Real Clear Politics) - Ann Coulter says it is "suicidal" for the Republican party to pick the most conservative candidate no matter what. "I'm a little tired of these Johnny-come-lately conservative purists," Coulter said on FOX News.

"I think the candidate -- it is going to be and is the strongest candidate to beat Obama is Mitt Romney. And you know, I'm a little tired of these Johnny-come-lately conservative purists. Where were they when we were running John McCain? For Pete's sake, Romney is a million times better than McCain. Romney speaks absolutely beautifully, he's been magnificent in the debates. I think he's a little bit of a country club Republican, too, but let's just get a Republican in there and get Obama out."


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