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Bully Pulpit

The term "bully pulpit" stems from President Theodore Roosevelt's reference to the White House as a "bully pulpit," meaning a terrific platform from which to persuasively advocate an agenda. Roosevelt often used the word "bully" as an adjective meaning superb/wonderful. The Bully Pulpit features news, reasoned discourse, opinion and some humor.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Windsurfing Challenge

Fox News

Massachusetts Senator John Kerry wants Americans to know that windsurfing isn't easy. In the upcoming issue of Details magazine, Senator Kerry is quoted as saying, "I challenge anyone who makes fun of windsurfing to come out and do it with me and see how long they last."

Senator Kerry was ridiculed by Republicans in the 2004 presidential election for windsurfing off the coast of Nantucket. The images of the senator twisting his surfboard back and forth proved irresistible to Bush media strategists, who quickly turned it into a powerful campaign advertisement.


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