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Bully Pulpit

The term "bully pulpit" stems from President Theodore Roosevelt's reference to the White House as a "bully pulpit," meaning a terrific platform from which to persuasively advocate an agenda. Roosevelt often used the word "bully" as an adjective meaning superb/wonderful. The Bully Pulpit features news, reasoned discourse, opinion and some humor.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Obama campaign manager: Here’s our blueprint for winning reelection

(By Allahpundit, Hot Air) - It’s Jim “Punch Back Twice As Hard” Messina, explaining that all The One needs to do to secure a second term is to “build the grassroots” after having disappointed them on almost every front for two-plus years. (Compare how O’ own launch video fared on YouTube to how the GOP’s parody of it fared.) How do you build a volunteer army of young voters by pushing policies that require those same young voters to keep paying into an unsustainable entitlement system? I don’t know, but hey — they’ve still got that pretty logo going for them, and I’ll bet their next mantra-like campaign slogan is awesome. “Commitment to Change,” maybe? “Operation Enduring Hope”? Messina’s working on it, no doubt.


Here’s Messina urging O-bots to imagine this not as a reelection bid but as an “insurgent campaign.” Which, per the left’s new rules of rhetoric post-Tucson, presumably makes him guilty of inciting terrorism.


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