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The term "bully pulpit" stems from President Theodore Roosevelt's reference to the White House as a "bully pulpit," meaning a terrific platform from which to persuasively advocate an agenda. Roosevelt often used the word "bully" as an adjective meaning superb/wonderful. The Bully Pulpit features news, reasoned discourse, opinion and some humor.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

RE: RE: 2 against 1

Tanya: If Branson wants to use his money that way, then more power to him; at least he's not going around preaching doom & gloom like Gore is. I'm talking about the environmentalists who consider oil companies, car companies, etc. evil while they do more to pollute the environment than we do.

Okay, so now you've explained your opinion. This all started with 'Liberals are such hypocrites.' It's hard to get those kind of specifics from vague generalizations.

Do you have proof that Rush was taking illegal prescription drugs while he was supporting the War on Drugs and jail time for illegal drug users?

Has his opinion on the subject changed since he found himself a potential victim of the War On Drugs and dodged jail time? I don't know, just asking.

And why would I want to listen to Air America? Boring. ("Vanilla or chocolate?" "How about vanilla and chocolate?")

I do believe you become more verbally aggressive on here when it's a post related to a conservative woman.

You believe wrong. Unexplained, vague generalizations are what irritate me, and you've misread the cause of any 'verbal aggressiveness' that I may exude.

Mr. Brenneis & Andy have brought up the fact on different occasions that you get the most agitated when there is an Ann Coulter article on here.

That's because I think Coulter is fire-breathing jackass who is unable to truly laugh at herself, her pop culture 'work,' the kooky celebrity she has become through it all, and the legions who find her words to be profound. I find her writing unconvincing and harsh; it's preaching to the choir — a pep rally of cheers for her team. Far better writers are out there, which I will acknowledge whether I agree with them or not. I couldn't care less that she's a woman.

Also, you pretty much told me to take a hike when I posted the article on the Duke rape case.

Wrong. You should probably go back and read my response. I asked you a question (which you never answered) and then shared my opinion on the never-ending 'JonBenet-ness' of this particularly pathetic example of human behavior.

You seem to lose your cool when a woman questions you.

Wrong again. How many women have you heard question me anyway? Besides, I'm about as laid back of a dude as you could find. Blame any 'lost cool' that you may read into what I type on my fingers.

I do have to admit that I find this "you're being sexist" stuff coming from you — a self-professed 'Conservative' who, according to rule, should be repelled by the idea of feminism — slightly amusing. Thoughts, Steve? Is she a victim of the government schools, too?

I don't know how many 'moderate' thinkers (you'd probably call them 'Liberals') you personally know and talk with on a regular basis. Because of that, I'm not sure of your experience in discussing matters with someone who can sit somewhere in the near-middle and see the folly and self-delusion that exists on both of the far "sides," rather than playing debate team with folks you don't know. Me, I have lots of friends from across the ideological spectrum — distributed (surprisingly) evenly — and we have a grand old time. So, what I'm saying is, if you find me to be sexist, I suggest that you get out more.

So, your wife is a conservative?

Oh, she has no time for this crap. She's busy doing what's best for her child and her family while finding cancerous tumors at work — truly important stuff like that. Since I write about fluffy topics and play music, I have time to care about silly nuance. That makes me the 'Liberal' and she the grounded one. But since I'm not exactly sure of your personal dogma involved in what's a 'Conservative,' I don't feel comfortable answering that question. But my guess is that she's not.

"True" conservatives like to practice what they preach; liberals do not.

So, you preach the virtues of driving an SUV? Tell me about those virtues.

(FYI, I drive a SUV; what do you and your wife drive, Strother?)

Glad you asked. We rotate between riding a bicycle, using public transportation, and pushing a Flintstone pedal car. To conserve plastics, we move the baby seat between bus and the pedal car, using a toddler-sized handlebar basket on the bike.
(Okay, I lied. My Scion xB is close though, huh? My wife is the evil, ozone-destroying one, who proudly drives one of those big, bad 4WD SUVs and enjoys squashing flowers along the way. But her parents live in Boone, so we got a free pass from the local tree-huggers to do so.)


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